Halloween Came Twice for this Couple


cut_gatherI’m trying to decide if I love or hate the idea of a themed-wedding. And when I say “themed,” I don’t mean vintage, rustic, or floral, I mean themed.  I came upon an article on the knot, showing how a bride went all-out for her Disney wedding. In other words she may or may not have topped Ariel, herself.


Things I loved: 
1. Her bright red hair (duh) and seashell clip-in.
2. The fact that her husband actually participated in this.
3. The priest wearing Mickey Mouse ears.
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A Tiara Fit For A Princess — Or Jen Pretending To Be A Bachelorette

Sadly, you read the title correctly. And even more sad is the fact that I am wearing a tiara as I type this post. Before you judge me, I feel compelled to explain that I wear tiaras because I was a princess in a past life. But that’s a whole other blog post.

This past weekend my cousins and I went to Vegas to celebrate my cousin Christina’s bachelorette party. Her sisters bought her a tiara with a veil attached to it…which she wore for exactly three minutes.

When we got to The Palms for dinner, Christina went around begging someone to hold her tiara, because she “didn’t want the attention” it was getting her. Just like me…doesn’t like attention (ha!).

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Invitation Etiquette: Suck It Up & Be Unwillingly Polite

Now that I’m getting older, more and more of my friends are getting engaged. You may think that makes me feel like a loser, considering they have rocks on their fingers the size of the one I hide my spare key under and I still rock out to Flavor of the Week alone in my room on weekday nights (and totally listening to it as I type). Anywayyyy, this year my friends and I will be 25.

This is the year for engagement parties and weddings galore. That also means sending out invitations and shelling out a lot of cash in order to make your day spectacular for everyone you invite. Unfortunately, sometimes you even have to shell out said cash on guests you don’t necessarily want to invite.

Look, I get that you don’t want your aunt’s sleazy new boyfriend at your affair. He has bad breath and hugs just a second too long for comfort. But they’re a couple and it is what it is. Do you think Kate Middleton wanted stuffy old Queen Elizabeth or those two hat freaks at her wedding? No! But she sucked it up and did it anyway because it was the right and polite thing to do.

One of my best friends, Alessia, recently had a huge blow-out with her 3-year boyfriend, Josh. Josh’s good friend, Larry, invited him to his and his fiance’s engagement party. I should probably say it again. Larry invited Josh. Searching the tacky invitation for the words “and guest,” Alessia flipped out.

“Why wouldn’t they invite me?! We’ve been dating for 3 freaking Continue reading

Dating Someone Who’s Against Marriage And Kids: Yes or No?

I recently wrote a post about Kourtney Kardashian and her unwillingness to marry the father of her child (and future child), Scott Disick.  I asked readers for their thoughts about living with someone and/or having children with him/her, but not getting married. One reader, Heather, wrote the following comment about an unfortunate situation she has been dealing with:

Heather: I’ve been involved with someone for about 2 years who doesn’t believe in marriage or having kids. I seem to question what I’m doing often since the “whole package” was all I ever dreamed of.  I got involved with him because he made me feel an unbelievable way that no one else ever had before. But I had hoped that by this point my happiness and views would be important to him too and maybe he would meet me halfway. Boy was I wrong! Even though I go above and beyond for him/us and was even willing to compromise my views for him, he won’t budge for me. I guess it really depends on the two people, their views and the situation.

Like a million other people, I have been in this situation, myself. I once dated a guy who told me that he Continue reading