I Want Someone to be Excited to Talk to *Me* for a Change

My friend John is constantly dishing to me about what happens on his dating escapades. I get the full story: From the first OKCupid message to the texts, to the dates, to the lack-of-texts after the dates. I’m literally shocked at how many girls act like guys and ignore his efforts at conversation. Finally, during one particular conversation of the two of us bitching about our love lives, John said something that I guess I’ve been subconsciously thinking for a long time.

He was telling me about this girl that would answer his text messages back sporadically; therefore, he would only text her during certain parts of the day, etc, etc. We were cultivating a plan that would force her to answer him, while having him wait to answer her so as not to appear too excited to talk to her when he stopped and said, “Not to sound like a loser, but is it so wrong that I want someone to be excited to talk to me for a change?

I paused and thought about what he had said. “No, that doesn’t make you a loser at all. That makes you human.”

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