Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie, Here’s a Salad


My boyfriend, Mark, told me about an article that asks what is and is not acceptable as a Valentine’s Day gift. Apparently a bunch of women were interviewed and 10/10 of them agreed that dinner could and should be counted as the gift itself.
I just have one question: Were these women interviewed from the confines of their rooms or in the common room at the Mental Institution they’re staying at? Continue reading

Anti-Valentine’s Day Post

For all of you who have just been dumped, feel unloved, think this day is stupid, or all of the above, this post is for you. This is my Eff You Valentine’s Day post. (I was going to pick the photo of Cupid face-down, shot dead with his own arrow, but he’s still a baby and that’s just creepy and wrong.

Look, I get that it sucks to not have a Valentine. Or to see who should be your Valentine giving cutesy little gifts to someone else. Or to hate the holiday in general and see everyone (including me — sorry) make a huge ass deal about it.

Here’s what I say you do: Continue reading

“Who Says ‘No’ To Being Someone’s Valentine??”

My friend Lance has been talking to a girl that he met on POF for the past couple of weeks. They’ve gone on two really great dates, where they had intense make-out sessions (nothing more), have had a few phone conversations, and text all day long. Yesterday, Lance asked her to have dinner with him on Tuesday (which is clearly Valentine’s Day). She apologized and told him that it sounded great but she already had plans for Tuesday.

Lance was shocked. After staring at her response for a minute, he imed me on Facebook chat.

“WHAT. THE. FUCK! She is soooo getting the shit end of the stick till further notice. I mean it could be w another guy, it could be with friends…but if it’s with friends she could have said ‘I’m sorry I already had a girls night planned’ and if it was with Continue reading