Christmas Is A Time For Giving…Even If It’s To Yourself


Some people think that Christmas is a time for little kids, and that it’s not nearly as special once you’re all grown up.  I’m here to say that is complete hogwash (yes, I didn’t say bull**** because it’s Christmas and there will be no elfing swearing on Christmas! — Sorry, a little holiday humor).

I am 24 years old, and I love Christmas just as much as my 8-year-old nephew. Why? Because it’s freaking awesome — that’s why. What negative statement can anyone say about Christmas? It has lights (which girls love because we’re easily distracted by shiny things, like goldfish; hence our love of diamonds), it has has singing, it brings your whole family together, it has FOOD, it has PRESENTS. Now, the only difference between being a little kid on Christmas Eve/morning and being an adult is how excited you get to watch your loved ones open up the gifts you got for them. Also, opening up your own gifts rocks, too.

And, speaking of your own gifts: On Friday, I Continue reading