First Fight Funk

So we all know how much it sucks to fight with a boyfriend or girlfriend. But it’s downright depressing when you have your very first fight with someone you just started dating. If you’re anything like me, several thoughts start swirling through your head: Should I let him know I’m mad? He’s not even my boyfriend, I don’t want him to think I’m crazy (yet). Is this going to keep happening if I end up with this guy? Should I end this now and cut my losses? Should I tell him I’m upset so he knows for future reference? What if I tell him and there is no future reference?

When some people get upset, they scream. Others cry, rationalize, talk things through, try to get revenge, etc, etc, etc. Whenever I get angry or sad or hurt (or all 3, which is usually the case), I do one of two things — and they’re basically variations of each other. I either (a) Go silent and make up an excuse to get off the phone/out of the restaurant or guy’s house or (2) Cut the guy off completely.

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Is It Harder To Date in the Winter Because Everyone Is Hideous?

I have been doing something lately that I am very rarely guilty of – looking at myself in the mirror with pure disgust. I physically cannot get over how shockingly ugly I am.  I’m like ‘babies will take one look at me and cry’ ugly.

It got me thinking – do less people find love during the winter? Think about it…you’re all bundled up in 25 layers, if you’re anything like me your pale as hell with a red nose that would make Rudolph jealous, and you’re just all-around blah. Continue reading