I Met A Guy In Real Life That I Had Previously Rejected Online

So I recently went to a bar with my friend Maria. As we were standing there talking, I saw a cute guy (who I’ll call Marcus) walking toward us.
Oh God, I thought. Now I’m gonna have to hear this one talk and then send him on his way.
Maria was acting differently toward him then she usually acts. After a few seconds of hearing them speak, I realized that they knew each other. Figuring he must be a good guy, I immediately began to lose my “bitch face” and smile a little more. (It turned out that Marcus was a good friend of the guy she just started seeing.)
After he asked what we were drinking and ordered two more for us (yay!), I grabbed his shoulders and angled his body in my direction. “Memorize my face. Do you know me? Because you look really familiar,” I said.

“You do look familiar to me…But I don’t think we’ve ever met before,” he said, laughing at my request to “memorize my face.”


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*Of Course* You Always Lie About Dating Multiple People!

As I mentioned in Dating Is Like Interviewing And Being Interviewed All At Once, if you’re talking to multiple people, you’re obviously going to go on multiple dates a week. (Hell, I used to go on multiple dates a day). This is fine. Time-consuming and a bit tiring, but fine. There is one golden rule that must always be followed at all times though: Never tell the guy/girl you’re dating that you are also dating other people.

My friend Zack recently took a girl he met on POF out for coffee. Somehow the topic of “second chances” got brought up, and the girl turned to him and casually said, “Oh yeah, I’m a firm believer in second chances. For example, this guy that I met on the site pissed me off last week, but he apologized so I decided to give him a second chance and go out on a date with him tomorrow.”

Zack looked at her with disgust. Scrunching up his face, he thought maybe he misheard her. “Did you just tell me that you’re going on a date with a different guy tomorrow?” he asked.

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Dating Is Like Interviewing & Being Interviewed All At Once

When you’re on an online dating site (or even if you’re not), you’re clearly going to be dating multiple people. If a girl tells a guy, “Hey, it’s hard to talk on here. Why don’t you take my number,” then she most likely has also said that to 5 other guys that day. I’m not saying she doesn’t like you, I’m just saying you’re not the only one she likes.

If you’re on a site like Plenty of Fish or OKCupid, it usually means that you’re serious about finding a relationship (or, at the very least, someone you’re compatible with and like hang out with). Therefore, what would be the point of seeing a cute guy/girl, sending two or three messages back and forth, exchanging phone numbers, and ignoring the other 400 messages in your inbox?

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“Jen, I Hate Your Red Hair”… “Jerk, I Hate Your Black Soul”

This year, ever since going really red (and awesome), I had someone say one of the most offensive things I have ever heard. I was dating a guy that I met online and I did something that you should never ever ever do. I had a terrible gut feeling and ignored it.

This guy, who I’ll call Bill, told me about a bad online dating story that had happened to him. He said that he had been talking to a girl and liked her, but when he met up with her she was about 6 years older and 100 pounds heavier then she was in her photos. He stayed with her for an hour, before getting up to leave. When she questioned him, he asked her if she thought it was “deceptive” of her to put up photos that did not reflect her true appearance.

Another incident occurred on this date that left a really bad taste in my mouth. That story, however, is so horrible that it’s a blog post in itself. You can look for it at Oh God, Let Me Die Of A Heart Attack So I Don’t Have To Withstand Another Minute Of This Date. Anywho, between those two horrifying stories, the knot in my stomach told me to get out immediately. But did I listen to that knot? No. I listened to my eyes, who were telling my brain that we would look awesome in a Facebook default wearing our matching peacoats. Fuck you, eyes.

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