What A Rockstar Online Dating Profile Looks Like, Ladies (Part 1)

A JenAndMen reader named Maria recently asked me to post my PlentyOfFish.com profile on my blog so that she could get some tips. I always thought guys were just trying to butter me up when they said that my profile is the best one they’ve seen on POF (and they probably were), until I saw some other girls’ profiles. How?, you may ask. Because my guy friends are just as bitchy as me and send me the links to girls’ profiles that are so outrageously ridiculous that they must be publicly mocked (I won’t though).
There are 4 sections to most online dating profiles: Photos, Interests, About Me, and your ideal First Date. Before I show you my profile, I’d first like to explain why I chose to post what I did…
First of all, my username is Jennifer paired with the numbers of my birthday. I don’t know who these girls think they are with their little 2006 myspace names like “cutieEforuU” or “h0TTieUveBeEnDrEamin0f.” I also made my headline “Looking for chemistry” and not “couLd y0Uu bE mYy s0uLmaTeEe?[=” (because it’s not complete without the backwards smiley face). Control yourselves, ladies. For all our sakes.
In my Photos section, I made sure to choose pictures of me always looking Continue reading

I Went On Plenty of Fish And Caught A Worm

As I’ve said before, I’m the type of girl who’s pretty much incapable of dating more than one guy at a time. If I like you, you’re it for me — Until I dislike you.

That being said, I had been dating a guy for a couple of weeks, and decided that I wanted to spend my time with him and him, alone. I text messaged the two or three people I was hanging out with here and there, and told them that I had met someone and wanted to see where it was going to go.

One guy, Dave, was really understanding about it.

“That’s cool. I’m sort of seeing someone myself,” he responded.

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Pretending A Celebrity’s Photos Are Your Own Is Lower Than Low

So I was duped. I was talking to a stunningly beautiful guy on Plenty of Fish recently. Wanting to shout out my great luck from the rooftops, I settled for forwarding his photos to a few of my girlfriends. My best friend, Kerry, replied: “He looks really familiar.”

I replied, “Yeah, from your dreams.”

It turns out that he wasn’t from her dreams, he was from her Google history…because this dude put up random shots of Cristiano freaking Rinaldo and tried playing it off like they were of him.

Before you judge me for being crazy for not recognizing him, he put up random shots like him and a toddler and him surfing and him with a dog. This was one of his pictures:

“Send me a picture of yourself,” he texted me after a half hour of conversation.

I sent him a recent picture of me and my cousin. “I’m the one on the left, obviously. Send me one of you.”

He sent me a close-up, profession-looking one. And then it hit me. I know who he looks exactly like. Continue reading

Is It Okay For Transsexuals To Mislead Guys?

I recently received a comment from a guy who said he constantly gets online dating messages from transvestites and transsexuals, and he doesn’t know it until he looks really closely at their photos. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. I have had one guy friend go on a date with a person who was a transsexual and another friend make out with a transsexual person. Neither were told that they were with people who were originally (or still) men.

Now, before I get attacked here, this blog post is not anti-trans anything. Hey, if you were born male and believe that you’re actually a female I have nothing but pity and support for you on your journey to become who you believe you are.  I can’t even imagine what it must be like to carry the burden of not feeling right your entire life. (In case you don’t know the difference, transvestites are essentially cross-dressers, and transsexuals are people who believe that they are the opposite sex of what they were at birth.)

Here’s what the post is about, though: Omitting your situation to the guy you’re dating. Some male Continue reading

What To Do Offline When You Meet Online

I decided to write up this post after receiving the following message from a reader:

Hey Jen, I was wondering if you had any tips when it comes to 


going on a date with someone from online. I’m nervous and kinda

scared to do it, so any help would be great!

Okay, so it’s no secret that 99% of my dating life is in existence because of online dating sites like PlentyofFish.com and OkCupid.com. I’m not embarrassed about this at all, hence the reason I talk about it all the time on JenAndMen.com. I don’t go out to bars very often, I never go to clubs and, except for a few strange times, I don’t randomly get hit on while walking down the street.

Where does that leave me? Sitting on my couch with my dog, or chatting away with cute guys on a dating sites. Okay, you got me. I totally chat away with them while sitting with my dog. But whatever, stop judging me.

Having become a skilled online-to-offline dater, I have compiled a list of tips that ever girl (and guy) should read and review: Continue reading

Meddling Mothers & Match.com

A friend of mine recently told me a crazy story about a mother who truly wins the Worst Mother of All Time award. A 25-year-old girl, who I’ll call Jill, received a phone call from her mother one afternoon.

“Jill, I was telling one of my coworkers about you. Her son is a doctor, and he wants to take you out on a date.”

“Alright, I guess one date couldn’t hurt,” Jill said to her mother, and accepted the blind date with this coworker’s son.

That weekend, Jill and the doctor go out to dinner, and he asks her if she wants to come over and watch a movie at his place.

“Don’t worry,” he assured her, “I won’t try anything funny.”

She hesitated at first, but then thought, He’s probably telling the truth because he knows our mothers are going to discuss this at work on Monday. Continue reading