Lucid, Not Loose

I always find my drinking nights to be a slippery slope. I’m a complete light weight, so after one Malibu Bay Breeze (the only drink I can taste without gagging) I’m tipsy. After two, I get that glazed over, out-of-it stare, which goes perfectly with my way-too-big smile.

When my best friend Kerry wants to take a picture, she’ll sometimes look at me and say, “Oh no, you’re smiling too big. You’re drunk before the pictures?!”

When I’m around potential future husbands in bars, I am always aware that the difference of one drink could make me go from fun and silly to that girl being carried out. And, trust me, you never want to be that Continue reading

You Know You Had A Great Time When…

Ever notice that the uglier and crappier you look and feel when you wake up…is the measure of how great your night was 12 hours prior? If you saw me right now, you’d see that last night was a successsssss. I got to wish my family ‘Happy New Year’ when the ball dropped, then went to Capri Nightclub and danced like a nut. The moment I got there, I climbed up on a speaker with one of my best friends and rocked out.

My outfit was awesome (sparklyyy) and I felt very discoball-like. I was already tipsy from my two glasses of sparkling wine, but was really floating after my friend Mike and I did a shot of Patron. I could have kept going, but decided to stop because I didn’t want to be googling hangover cures today like I’m sure most people are.

I hope everyone had an awesome night! And Happy New Year!

I did see a lot of couples last night, but there were a good amount of single people, too.

Ready For A Rockin’ New Year’s Eve?

Happy New Year’s Eve, everybody! Getting ready to watch Dick Clark bring in the new year? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ve stuffed your face like the world is ending (not a 2012 reference, btw) and are now recuperating. I’m not going to start drinking until 11:30PM or so, half to digest and half to last throughout the night.

As I sat watching Channel 7 with my mom, I realized how much I truly dislike Ryan Seacrest. Jenny McCarthy. Fine. Dick Clark (makes me sad to hear his post-stroke voice). But fine. There is just something about Ryan Seacrest that I don’t like. Is it the fact that he dyes his eyelashes to “make his eyes pop”? Is it the fact that he’s prettier than me? I don’t know. I’m just not attracted to him in the least and get extremely annoyed that he is everywhere I turn.

Anyway, enough Seacrest bashing. It’s New Year’s Eve! After I watch the ball drop with my family, I’m heading out to a club to dance the night away (and, yes, I’m singing Van Halen in my head — cough, and out loud, cough).

I haven’t been single for New Year’s Eve in a long, long time. Do a lot of people hook up? I guess I’ll let you knowww… Have fun!