“I Jumped Into His Arms…And Punched Him”

One of my best friends, Alessia, is dating a jerk. And when I say “jerk,” I actually mean a whole slew of other words but let’s keep it clean, shall we?

For Christmas, she told him exactly what she wanted: 2 pairs of Uggs and a Michael Kors watch (and before I get grief about her being a gold digger, she stupidly spent the same amount of money on him, so calm down).

As Christmas was approaching, he started in with his little comments.

“You know, I don’t think I spent as much on you as you spent on me,” “I didn’t do such a great job wrapping your presents” …blah blah.

Used to his constant meanness, she told him to stop trying to deliberately hurt her and put an end to his unnecessary idiocy. Continue reading