“Hey Jen, I Dumped You and Don’t Really Want To Be Friends…But Can We Have Sex?”

I recently dated a guy that I genuinely cared for. We both fell fast and hard and, although there were many, many differences in our lives, backgrounds, family situations, and work schedules, I chose to look past all of that and try and make us work.

Our relationship started off really great. I met him while waiting for a date and attempting to get into a lounge without an ID. He pursued me insistently and weaseled his way into my line of vision by introducing himself, and asking me if he could buy me my “first and last drink” of the night.

Within a day he told me that he wanted to “build a relationship” with me – something no one had ever really said before. He asked me to be his girlfriend and stop dating other guys. And, for some strange reason that I couldn’t put my finger on, I did it without blinking an eye. I fully gave my heart to him without so much as knowing him a full 48 hours.

It sounded crazy to my friends, but we had an instant connection and exchanged “I love yous” within the first four days of being together. I loved so much about him – his laugh, his smile, the way he kissed me. I was fascinated by his background and his dreams and his goals. I would cry when he’d sing to me in my ear or while staring into my eyes. We would slow-dance in his room and he would squeeze me and tell me how out of my league he was. And I wanted nothing but to be with him. Continue reading