I’m Back, Baby!



First and foremost, I owe my fans an apology. I’ve been so caught up with my life that I haven’t made any time to write for JenAndMen. But I’m back, I promise!

I’ve hit a non-dating-related rough patch in my life, which I may talk about one day on the blog. For now I’ll just say that it has caused me a great deal of pain and stress, and has distracted me from my everyday activities, but I’m working through it with therapy, healthy living, and support from my loved ones. I also plan on incorporating some of my new mantras into some future posts.

As you can see, I changed the red hair. For those of you upset by this, I usually switch up my hair color every few years. Who knows, maybe next summer I’ll be a blonde and next winter I could be a redhead again. I’ve heard a plethora of great stories from my friends, so be prepared to laugh over the next couple of weeks!

Anywho, happy reading!

It Must Suck To Love Reading The Blog Of The Girl You Hate :P

Before I begin this post, I will say that I get many, many amazing comments from JenAndMen readers all the time. And when I say amazing, I don’t mean “agreeable.” I’m a blogger. I don’t care if you agree with me or disagree with me — I only care that you have some sort of feeling about what I wrote, and feel compelled enough to comment on it. That being said, many of my “regulars” often disagree with me. But I still respect them because they state their opinion without trying to belittle mine. Hello, mature adults. Unfortunately, some people never got the “IF you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all” speech from their mothers. Sucks to be them.

When I wrote for another dating website, I used to get hate mail all the time. My five favorites were: (1) I love your writing, but I would never want to know you in real life, (2) I want to egg your house, (3) I want to slash the tires of your car, (4) I want to punch you in the face, and last, but certainly not least: (5) You should commit suicide.

I used to cry all the time over these comments. Continue reading

Jen And Men iPhone App: What Whatttt

What’s more thrilling than reading Jen And Men or playing on your iPhone? Combining the two! I now have an App in the App Store that you can download.

You can also follow me on Twitter and see my post updates on my Facebook page. Comment on any and all blog posts, and I will reply to every single one with your name at the beginning of the response. Feel free to message me any dating stories you’d like featured on the blog using the contact form on the right side of the page or by emailing me at JenAndMen@hotmail.com. Also, please retweet anything you like! And, most of all, enjoy my site!

Thanks for the support, everyone! :)