He Had The Key To Her Heart, But Not Her Jail Cell



Last month, my friend Jill spent the night with the guy she was seeing, Kyle. There was only problem: His parents were extremely strict and she wasn’t actually allowed to be there.

They were planning on beating the system by waking up at 7AM, before his parents woke up. Naturally, they overslept.

At 9:30AM, Jill called our friend Marissa.

“Mariss, you have to come get me,” she frantically whispered. I’m hiding out in Kyle’s basement until his parents go out to breakfast.” Continue reading

Are You Just About “Finnish”ed?

Adam Lambert was thrown in jail for fighting his boyfriend, Finnish Big Brother star Sauli Koskinen. With all that crazy eyeliner he wears, I’m surprised Lambert even saw who he was punching. They’re both out now…or were they already? Haha, sorry, a little humor for all my gay friends lol. It was a stupid argument and neither of them got injured.

This reminds me of the awesome guy that called up Elvis Duran to defend me and said that he punched his ex-boyfriend in the face because he was looking at another dude. I say: Totally acceptable. Good work, boys. Keep the punches comin’ to your boyfriends if they’re deserved.