Girls Who Go After Guys Who Are Taken: Tisk Tisk

I have already admitted that I love guys that I can’t have in Wanting What You Can’t Have: I Love Guys In Relationships. I will now discuss the girls who also feel this way but listen to that devil on their shoulder. We call those girls whores. Sorry. We call them…home-wreckers? Yes, home-wreckers sounds nicer.

A JenAndMen reader named Kimberly wrote me the following comment today:

What pisses me off is when girls are ALLLL over a guy who they KNOW is dating someone else. My favorite? Co-workers. My bf has a co-worker who just would NOT hop off! She would always bbm him late at night sobbing about her love life and how so and so broke up with her. He would not feed into it and blew her off and she did NOT Continue reading