When Your Ex’s New Fling Answers Their Phone

My friend Joe called me in hysterics the other day. Apparently his ex — who he’s in love with — had told him that they could work things out, as long as they took things slow. Three weeks later, he went on a business trip, and she met someone else.

She had told him that was dating someone (on his effing birthday), and completely ruined his entire day. I couldn’t stand her then. But now I just hate her.

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I Sold My Soul To The Devil To Cut A Bar Line

A few weeks ago, my alcohol consumption, combined with a need to have a good night, severely hindered my judgement. No, I didn’t hook up with an ex. Worse, I asked one for a favor.

My friend Christine and I were out at McFadden’s feeling especially old and grumpy among the I’m-18-and-used-my-older-sibling’s-ID crowd. I, against my better judgement, text messaged, Pete, the asshole who dissed my hair color and ruined my Christmas.

I asked him where he took me on our date, because I wanted to go to that area. He told me that he was actually heading over there, and that “it’d be nice to see [me]” if I wasn’t with a guy and decided to stop by. An hour later, Christine and I were across town away from the children, but now freezing our asses off on the longest line Continue reading