Roar, Growl, Cougar Prowl: The Night I Officially Became A Cougar

I’ve always had a really big problem with dating younger guys. I’ve only done it a few times, and I was never happy about it. Similar to my attraction to guys who are tall and strong, I guess I just have this idea that a guy is supposed to be older than me. This post is about how that idea goes out the window when that younger guy looks like a model and has an awesome personality.

Once, on a vacation, I met a guy (who I’ll call Billy) that was 3 years younger than me. I walked into a club, which had about 10 people in it at the time and there he was, standing there staring at me with his “serial killer stare” as I later referred to it, haha. After playing Peek-A-Boo for a little while, I decided that I was going to pick him up. (And, the funny part was: I used those exact words in my head without knowing his age yet.)

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