A Guy On POF Told ME How To Improve MY Online Dating Profile!!!

So if you’re an avid JenAndMen reader, and have seen I’m Not Interested In You, I’m Interested In Fixing Your Online Dating Profile, then you’ll know what a huge hypocrit I am by the time you finish reading this post.

The other day, I was HORRIFIED by a Plenty of Fish message. Unlike my usual array of complimentary gushes, this one was a guy who clearly never gets laid.

The message was from an incredibly mediocre-looking guy, with an even less exciting profile. I opened up the message, skimmed it like I always do, and immediately felt my jaw drop.

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A Social Experiment: Does Being A Jerk/Bitch Get You More Dates?

I recently made a new friend who I’ll call Peter. We were talking about JenAndMen and he brought up the well-known phenomenon that nice guys finish last. (Now I’m totally singing the Greenday song.) After a few minutes of listening to his concerns, I came up with a great little experiment that I’m sure my female readers will yell at me for even suggesting. I told him to pretend to be an asshole for a month, and see how many dates he gets. (For the record: He’s not going to go sleeping around and breaking hearts. He’s simply going to find a girl he likes and try a different approach to getting her to settle down with him.)

I will share our pre-experiment conversation and then our findings at the end of the month…

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