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I am a 27-year-old aspiring writer, with a background in theater and teaching. I have written several short stories, two books, and about a million blog posts. I am confident, territorial, and intelligent. I am stubborn and kind and friendly. I am going to be famous — it’s just a matter of when.

I have been on more bad dates than I have fingers and toes to count on – and I’m only in my early twenties! I laugh when I watch Sex & the City, because I’ve had so many dysfunctional relationships that they might as well have made me their 5th friend. Even so, I used to love going on dates with different guys, eating great food, and talking on the phone until 3AM. I never did get over the idea that a guy should treat a girl like a princess – even if I’ve encountered one too many frogs.

You can follow me on Twitter and see my post updates on my Facebook page. Comment on any and all blog posts, and I will reply to every single one with your name at the beginning of the response. Feel free to email me any dating stories you’d like featured on the blog (JenAndMen@hotmail.com). Also, please retweet anything you like! And, most of all, enjoy my site!

76 thoughts on “About Jen

  1. You’ve written books? Are they published? You should share excerpts on here, or at least link to them! :)

  2. I just have to point out that it doesn’t make sense….you think you’re a “nice” girl, yet you love being hated, and you continue to piss people off. Would an actual “nice” girl really behave this way? Explain. If you were truly the “nice” girl you claim you are, I honestly don’t think you’d be getting a lot of hate at datingish. In the end, people are just treating you the way you treat most of your readers.

  3. I am hesitant to read blog sites usually that come off Datingish but I saw your farewell speech on Xanga so I thought I’d come to your new site. I will say that I’m very impressed with some of the things you wrote, I love how you play them off into stories. I actually hate the Datingish sites because they’ve gotten really perverted with some of the blog posts but I’m glad your stories aren’t too bad and I really enjoyed your bad date =) blog lol it was interesting to read!!

    Anyways….. Good luck with your writing skills and I hope God blesses you with an amazing husband (loyal and of good character who will love you forever) to love one day!

    May Jesus bless you bye! lol

  4. Your attitude…well, maybe that’s better left to a shrink. You should know that the image you’re portraying here is standoffish and very, very difficult to like.

  5. I think it portrays you perfectly. Guys don’t want a good girl, they want the image of a good girl with the mind of a bad girl. It works for you.

  6. I just got a tweet from you to check out your blog and I have to say I didn’t expect this at all! Well done Jen, you just got another fan! Keep the attitude and blog posts coming xxx

  7. Just heard your story on Q102, and I’d just like to agree that if I were you I would of just walked away if he was busy focused on somebody else. I have never been that disrespectful to a woman before. I was raised to respect everybody, and if I were that guy, I’d be focused on you and would of paid for that movie date. If only I was 24 lol.

  8. I just heard you on the radio and I am a guy. I always think we’re bad all the time…sorry for the wrong doing that we do. Hope you could find someone better. Best of luck.

  9. Hey Jen… just heard your story on z100… would love to talk to you about a photography idea I have that revolves around the issues of dating….

  10. what a shame Jen! i heard you speak on Elvis Duran and the morning show today and i just had to check out your site. Now that I have a face to match to the voice I’m just shocked at your terrible luck haha! good luck in the future!!!

  11. Just heard you over the radio. Not sure why you attract those type of guys. Do you ever ask yourself “what am I doing wrong”? I mean these guys must of went blind I guess. I think your gorgeous.

  12. Hey I see you seem to come across a lot of losers. I would love the opportunity to take you out on a date and show you that their are nice guys out there. I heard you on z-100 this morning and I think your picnic idea was very sweet.

  13. Hey Jen! I heard you on Elvis Duran today and I must say I’m absolutely appalled that people called in bashing you. What you did was absolutely “adorable” and any real man would appreciate it. I also want to let you know that your drop dead gorgeous, and that love should come your way soon =). Don’t give up hope!

  14. I just wanted to say that you can’t find a diamond at the dollar store. It’s all in where you look. I heard you on the radio talking about bad men and how you were looking for love. Look for love where MEN hang out. People at night clubs and bars just want to party (good place for a boody call). I would bet your birth sign is cancer, by the way you describe yourself. You will find love in a strange place. Change your habbits, don’t be so eager. Look into a man’s eyes, don’t mistake lust for love. His eyes will tell you. Not all men are bad, and some of us even know how to spell.

  15. “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”

  16. Let me start off by saying I love your website . Its interesting to read about your many dating disasters lol . I think you have just dated the wrong guys until now . Give the good ones a chance and I am sure things will work out . You are a talented writer and both of us share the common desire of becoming famous one day . I would love to get to know you more :) . Good Luck with your many endevours .

  17. I heard you on the radio talking this morning. I feft so bad about what you are going through. And, just so you know, not all men are bad. There are some good men out there. You just haven’t looked in the right place to find the right men. I wish I can meet you and take you out on a date.

  18. Personally I think you’re a quack, heard you on z100 today and it sounds like you’re just seeking attention. How can we prove this South African guy was staring at another girl? Sounds like it was a boring second date and that you had high expectations for, I mean come on! You set up a picnic?! That sounds like something a couple does after they’ve been dating for at least a few months. Why do all of these dates have to be so creative? Just keep it simple, you’ve been on a 100 dates in just a couple of months? I think its time to take a break and ask yourself what you really want. But thats besides the point, you’re not looking for a guy. You just want to be famous. Also, you look crazy.

  19. I heard you on the Elvis Duran show today and when I got home I had to check out your site. I can’t believe you date that many losers. You’re beautiful…I love the red hair and perfect smile.

  20. You look nice, but I think there may be something wrong with your personality. If you’ve been dating about 100 guys in a couple of months, I think you’re very successful in what you are going after. You are not looking for a decent guy to settle with, you just want to run around and make stories so you can live by them somehow. No good and decent girl would date 100 guys and still can’t find the one that would fit ritht. I think that you need to pray for yourself, something is not going right. Good luck

  21. Hey, I just want to say there are nice guys out there. Don’t give up hope. I mean I’m single and I havent had any luck, but I’m still giving it a shot. Hey, btw, heard you on the radio…Don’t listen to those people. I tried calling up to talk to you but I didnt get through, obviously. Anyway, it’d be nice to hear back from you. You have a great site and, honestly, I’m not even a reader. Anyway, great blogs. Hope to hear back from you.

  22. I would never comment on one of these things, but I just can’t believe people take the time to write such MEAN things! You’re all weirdos! It’s rough out there in the dating world, I’m only 25 and I went through a bunch of ‘losers’ before I met someone to start a serious relationship with again… and hey you’re young! I think you’re on the right path but let these guys put in a little more of the effort!

  23. Jamie: First of all, thank you for taking the time out to comment, especially if it’s something you usually don’t do. I certainly hope you liked the site enough to do it again :)

    As for the going through a bunch of losers before you met the person you’re with (congrats, btw), if you ever care to share please fill out the contact box on the right-hand side of my site or email me at JenAndMen@hotmail.com. I am totally into sharing stories from girls and guys who have bad/funny dating tales!

    And, yes, guys should definitely put in effort. It was just that he didn’t live in NY, so I felt I had to take the reigns on that one.

  24. Hey Chris, I haven’t given up hope just yet! Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you like my blog! I write the way I speak so even if you’re not a huge fan of reading it usually goes pretty quick! Keep in touch and good luck with that dating luck!

  25. RM: Being a little harsh, aren’t we? I don’t end it with someone I like unless they are not treating me right. I’m sorry I have standards. I hope everyone does.

  26. Chris: Where do I even begin? One, were you not hugged enough as a child? Seriously, dude, take it down a notch. I made the picnic because he didn’t live in NY and only came into the city on Saturdays for a few hours when his ship docked (he worked on a cruise ship). He loved the picnic idea before and after the date and didn’t act that way because I was sweet enough to buy a basket and fill it with food. Yes, I want to be famous but I also want to find love — doesn’t everyone?

    And why do I look crazy? I have one photo up and it’s of me at my best friend’s engagement party.

  27. LJ: That was very sweet of you! I believe you that there are some good men out there…my mom found my dad, right?! Thanks for reading and I hope you visit the site again :)

  28. Bo: First of all, I AM a cancer! That’s crazy! Anyway, yes, I’ve heard about going to places that men hang out…like a Sports Bar or baseball game or something. Love the “can’t find a diamond at the dollar store.” Totally going to use that in a future blog entry! Thanks! :)

  29. Dave: Thank you so much for your kind words! You know what…when you have a story, thought, opinion, there will always be someone with the opposite view to come and try and make you feel bad. Can’t sweat it. I won’t give up hope and thanks for the compliment! :)

  30. Hi Jen,
    I visited your site after hearing about it on the radio, I am not sure why there are a few negative comments posted. I admire your stories and how funny they are. What I like most about your blogs is that they are “real”. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you state yours on your blog no one else’s. I will look forward to future blogs and wish you the best!

  31. Reader from NY: Thank you so much! When you’re a writer, you take the negative comments with the sweet ones (like yours!). I love the support! I’m so glad you’ll be following along! :)

  32. Lovelyish, that’s where I’ve seen you before. I randomly found your VS post from google, and your picture looked so familiar. I have seen you on Lovelyish and Datingish.

  33. love everything about you jen!!! <3 loving the site loving the words loving the comments!!! So freaking proud of you!!!!

  34. I can’t stop reading your page and laughing hahaha it is way too funny. You’re great!

  35. Jen, I love your site and enjoy your stories. I’m glad you are working hard in what you love to do… i am amazed to see what a wonderful, determined woman you’ve become!! xoxo


If your the same Jen that was on the radio this morning while I was driving to work then seeing your picture, there should be no reason you cant find a good guy…your beautiful. There still are a few good guys out there…its true, cuz im one of them.

  37. you shouldnt sound so upset on the call this morning at Z100. i herad some people taking it out on you as well as telling you it was not your fault. fact is its a little of both. we all have the tendency to chose the wrong person over someone who we think is isnt the right fit. when you give time to delevlope a friendship first it makes things easier to see if the person is right or wrong for you. just takes a little time but nothing good ever comes out of impulsive decisions. Jen where are you from?

  38. You say you could of been on Sex and the City. Well that’s not a good thing that means your standards are way to high that no man will ever achieve them. From what I have read about you. You don’t want a fair relationship. You want to be spoiled rotten and contribute nothing. What do you have to offer? You’re just another attention seeking prude who will never be happy with any guy. You have a quote “I am going to be famous — it’s just a matter of when.” Well they are always looking for “talent” in the porn industry.

  39. Jason: Take it down about 12 notches, buddy. Maybe I should buy you some porn so you can calm the hell down.

  40. Hi Jen! A friend of mine told me about your blog the other (she apparently went to High school with you). I have really enjoyed your stories. Definitely have kept me and entertained, as well as helping me feel like I’m not the only one going through things like this. Haha. Also – I heard you on Elvis Duran a while back, and thought it was a great segment. However, I didn’t know it was you until I made the connection while reading the other comments. Small-world feeling. Best of luck with everything, the blog, fame and men, and anything else!!!

  41. you kind of come off as rather…well, rude, picky, and condescending. no wonder you haven’t found a boyfriend yet. maybe you should take a step back and look at yourself before you judge guys so harshly yeah? guys aren’t pieces of meat, you know. they have feelings too.

  42. Anon: I think that, of the two of us, there’s only one rude person here. And if you didn’t know you were being rude, you would have left a real name and email address.

  43. Uh Jason, have you ever watched Sex and the City? Most of the men the women have been through are ridiculous and they have treated the women like shit. I don’t believe that women should be spoiled or worshipped, just respected. If that is too high of a standard for you to live up to then great, I hope you and your right hand live happily ever after.

  44. Ashley: I’m changing the site to JenAndAshley.com because I’m in love with you for saying “I…believe that women should be respected. If that is too high of a standard for you to live up to then great, I hope you and your right hand live happily ever after.”

  45. Jenn, I love your blog. I actually have it bookmarked on my computer and phone. I wrote a book and wanted to send out a press release for it. Was wondering if I sent you an e-copy would you read it and leave me a review. And if you hate it after the first paragraph then feel free to tell your peeps how shitty it is.

  46. Hi Jen-
    I lost your site and app for awhile- I am so glad they are back-
    I hope you post some new stuff soon- you are very honest, and you crack me up!

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