Being Open About An Open Relationship

Angry-DateYears ago, my friend Ellie used to work with a cute, quiet, tech guy named Justin. They never actually spoke to one another, but two years ago, Justin got Ellie’s email address from a mutual friend, and told her that he’s always had a huge crush on her. After chatting for a few days, he told Ellie that he really wanted to wine and dine her and get to know her. She finally agreed to meet up with him late last week after work at 9:30PM.

When she got to the bar, she found out that he had been waiting for her for four hours! Apparently he had convinced his friend to go out and wait with him. When Justin went to the bathroom, his friend told Ellie how nervous he was to see her, how much he liked her, how he insisted they wait for her, etc.

Usually this kind of thing would be a turn off for Ellie, but since she’s trying to give “nice guys” a chance, she chose to see it as adorable and charming, instead. They started talking, and actually began hitting it off.

About an hour into the conversation, Justin says, “We just moved to Dumbo, Brooklyn.”

“Who’s ‘we’,” Ellie asked, confused. A roommate? A family member?

“Me and my girlfriend,” Justin replied.

He proceeded to tell Ellie that they are in an open relationship “so it’s totally cool” that he’s out with her and he “still really wants to get to know [her] and head to the back of the restaurant to have dinner.”

That’s about the time Ellie I lost her fucking mind. She completely flipped out and then stormed out.

Justin emailed her a bullshit apology the next day, explaining that he felt a spark with her and really did like her. UGH. What a dirtbag! How are open relationships even a thing?! His girlfriend knew he was with another woman?! Either be single, or be in a relationship! Sorry, no live-in girlfriends plus sex buddies!