Apparently Double the Pleasure Isn’t Just for Doublemint Gum Anymore



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A friend of mine told me a horrifying story last week that put many of my bad dates to shame. Every time I thought my jaw couldn’t drop any further, a new detail shocked me again.

Back in freshman year of college, Ellie, a really pretty, petite girl, had her eye on a hot junior, John, who lived down the hall in her co-ed dorm. The two started making out at a party in his room, and before she knew it, everyone was gone and it was just the two of them. Things got hot and heavy, and they ended up naked on his bed with the lights off. That’s when he got up to get a condom.

When he got back on top of her with the condom, she opened her eyes to a terrifying sight — the naked guy sitting on her WAS NOT JOHN. 

She screamed John’s name, who came rushing over, saying, “No, it’s okay. He’s just my friend staying here for the night. He’s just joking.”

“What?!” Ellie yelled, and told the friend to get off of her. John then told his friend to “stop messing around and get out.”

Ellie then heard the door open and close, and closed her eyes with relief.

When she felt John get back into the bed, she opened her eyes. EXCEPT ONCE AGAIN IT WASN’T JOHN.

Now furious, she yelled, “What do you think is going to happen here?” at the two guys, and began scrambling for her clothes.

When John saw that he wasn’t getting some sick twisted night with her and his friend, he actually kicked the friend out of the room and laughed off the entire thing like it was some funny joke. (Probably so she wouldn’t have him arrested!)

This is literally one of the scariest things I have ever heard. Ellie told me the story very calmly, but all I could think is how I’d probably die of a heart attack or have killed both guys and would be sitting in jail right now if I were her. Be careful, ladies! You don’t know what certain guys are capable of — especially in a setting where drinking is in full swing!