Women Talk About Guys the Way Guys Talk About Cars

portsidestandard_guystalkingsports-600x450-1This past weekend I sat and listened to 5 guys (one of which was my boyfriend, Mark) discuss cars for two hours straight. I turned to the person next to me and asked, “Do they always talk about cars?” He said, “Well, to be fair. They all love cars and when guys get together they’re going to talk about what they love.”

It got me thinking: What do girls talk about when we get together? Oh yeah — we talk about our guys who only talk about cars.

One of Mark’s car-loving friends compared a female conversation and a male conversation and concluded that they are exactly the same. Apparently, girls love discussing cars just as much as guys love discussing cars. All you have to do for us is swap out the word “car” for the word “boyfriend.”

Guys talk about annoying noises, replacing old parts, and waxing. Girls talk about talking annoying noises, replacing old clothes, and…waxing. According to this guy, while men can go on for hours about adding a new engine to a classic car to make it run faster, a girl will brag to her friends that her boyfriend finally let her dress him up in a Burberry shirt and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

We dress them up, try and make them run as smoothly as possible, complain about them when they act up, and attempt to fix them when they are broken. In other words, guys are girls’ version of cars.

A girl might say her piece and hear things like, “Well, maybe if you told him that that kind of behavior upsets you, he won’t do it anymore” or “Talking it through will definitely get you two through this fight;” while a guy will sit and listen intently about the detailed process one must go through to replace the rear shocks in his Cobra.

It makes sense, too. Just like I’ve never seen Mark and his friends talk about anything but cars, I’ve never actually hung out with my girlfriends and discussed anything but our relationships. While girls need to get it out and ask for help with their relationship issues, guys tend to not know they have relationship issues and therefore discuss “man topics” with clear heads.

Who knew guys and girls were so similar after all?