Put the ‘Meet’ in Car Meet

cool-car-girl-13Can you meet a guy at a car meet? I say, why the heck not? Think about it: A guy goes to a bar…why? To meet a girl. But there are 25 guys and 238,978,274,893 girls, most of whom want a husband. The competition alone is enough to make you want to set your extensions on fire. BUT a car meet is made up of 99% guys and only 1% girls! That’s virtually no competition at all. Aka the best place in the entire world to meet someone!

What you need to do:

(1) Look fabulous. Just because you’re surrounded by grease doesn’t mean you should have greasy hair. Get a blow out, do some pretty, natural makeup, and wear something casual, but nice. (And, no, not a skanky bikini like you see on Google.) These guys may be looking at cars, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get their motors racing.

(2) Do a little research. Research, really Jen?! Yes, research. You did research to get a high school diploma. You did research to get a college degree.  You did research to sound your best on that job interview. Why not do research to meet someone you could potentially spend the rest of your life with? Pick 2 or 3 cars and look up what kind of engines they have, speed they can reach, or restorations they could have done. I’m not saying become a mechanic, just know some key terms.

That way you can walk up to a cute guy and say, “Wow, you have the [insert car model here], does it have its original [blah blah blah] motor?” Trust me, that’s all you need to say because (A) He will be shocked to see a pretty girl, (B) He will be shocked to hear a pretty girl say that, and (C) He will be so freaking excited to talk about his boring car that he will go on and on and all you’ll have to do after that is nod.

(3) Find a ticket in. You’ll need to show up with some kind of car and car enthusiast in order for this plan to work. If you don’t own a cool car yourself, get a friend’s boyfriend to take the two of you. That way you not only have a reason for being there that isn’t “I showed up to meet a man” and you have a wing-woman (who won’t be competition).

(4) Have confidence. Don’t have that deer-in-the-headlights (no pun intended) look that some girls get when entering into a space with lots of hot guys. Yes, you will be stared at; you’re pretty and you don’t have a penis, two things that these guys will love. Don’t let the stares make you freeze up. Remember your note cards about the boring car facts, and get to work.

You didn’t get your Masters from dilly-dallying. You got it with hard work and perseverance. So get out there and use your skills to put the ‘meet’ in car meet!