When The Guy You’re Dating Has A Phone Full of Naked Photos…That Are NOT Of You

One of my best friends, Marie, texted me, infuriated. “It’s not us, it’s THEM!”¬†She proceeded to tell me a story about the guy she’s dating, Max, and what just occurred.

Max couldn’t figure out how to upload the photos from his phone onto his computer (why, no one knows), so he asked Marie for her help. While she plugged it in and did it for him, she obviously watched the pictures begin to upload onto the screen.

His dog, his friends, his family, his 100 pictures of boobs and asses. Wait, what?

Yes, this guy asked the girl he’s been seeing to upload pictures of other girls’ naked bodies onto his computer for him.

“WHATTTT?!!!!!” I wrote back. “What did he do and say?!?!”

“Nothing, he pretended like I didn’t see it. But he went from laying down in his bed to sitting straight up on the edge of it.”

“What did you do?!”

“I said nothing about it and went home.”

They never spoke about the “incident” and Marie decided that maybe the photos were old, anyway and continued their relationship.

… But could you freaking believe that?! Look, I get it, you’re a guy, you’re bound to have slutty pictures on your phone/computer. But to (a) not hide them in a folder marked “Fantasy Football Statistics” and (b) ask your sort-of girlfriend to help you with the pictures without erasing those first?! Idiot!

Have you ever seen naked photos on your girl/boyfriend’s phone and wanted to break it/them?

3 thoughts on “When The Guy You’re Dating Has A Phone Full of Naked Photos…That Are NOT Of You

  1. Probably old photos that he forgot existed on his phone when he mentioned it to his girlfriend. Still pretty hilarious though

  2. My guess is he’s may be saving the photos for blackmail in the future. Either that or he’s never met the majority of the girls in the pictures and found them on the internet while he was bored and decided to save them.

  3. I use online dating often, so I guess most of my dates wouldn’t be too upset. My phone is actually pretty full of photos with some chicks, but not naked though. And lucky me, I know how to use computers. Anyway, I find that pretty stupid… twice stupid to be exact. Once for not knowing how to use a dumb phone, and secondly for showing his date he’s getting pics from other girls.
    Take care

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