This Really Fal’ Into His Lap

r620-893d31f8fe90888840c41f9046aae3f1So Jimmy Fallon finally did it. After years of patiently waiting, he was able to fit Jay Leno’s gigantic chin through the door as he kicked him out of the Tonight Show. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love Jimmy Fallon. I was just a little shocked that he was able to secure this spot. Not because he’s not hilarious and entertaining but because, well, it’s Jay freaking Leno.

The truth is though, every era has to come to an end at some point. We all tearfully said Goodbye to Friends and Boy Meets World, didn’t we? Except, with Jay Leno, it’s more like saying Goodbye to Seinfeld. We loved those lunatics — even though they weren’t very nice. They were like our mean cousins that we all secretly agreed with when they made inappropriate comments at the dinner table during holiday get-togethers. Yeah, Jay Leno is like the cast of Seinfeld and all our badass cousins. Jimmy Fallon? He’s more like our adorable yet awesome kid brother. Even if he is way older than most of us.

Fallon’s first show, I thought, was a success. It was funny and normal and casual, just like he is. I imagine him being a great friend to have. Someone who will cheer you up and call you awesome and ask how you got so awesome to remind you of your awesomeness. I remember watching him as a guest on one of Leno’s last shows (awkkkkward) and seeing him talk about his 6-month-old baby. He described how watching her eat pasta is the most exciting thing in the entire world and his face lit up like it was. It reminded me of how excited my family and I get to watch my 6-month-old niece eat pasta and I lit up, too.

And that’s Jimmy Fallon’s thing. You know how every great late-night host has a thing? Carson was, well, he was Johnny Carson. Letterman is cool. Leno is edgy. But Fallon gets excited and lights up and getsĀ you excited and lit up. And if that’s not a quality of a great host (and a great person), then I don’t know what is. Good luck, Jimmy Fallon. We are all behind you!