Pour Some Coca Cola in that Melting Pot

Everyone knows the only reason to watch the Superbowl is to see the awesome (and sucky) commercials that are especially made for the big game. And when the “big game” isn’t so big, as you all saw, the commercials really help soften the blow.  Only two commercials really stuck out in my mind — Coco Cola’s and Budweiser’s.

I’ve heard a lot of controversy over Coco Cola’s decision to have people from about a million different races, cultures and religions sing America the Beautiful. Haters feel that Coca Cola stepped over the line. I’m just not sure how.

Unless you live in bumblefuck Ohio, I’m pretty sure if you step outside your house you’re going to find people of many different backgrounds and colors right on your own street. What are you going to do, start picketing? This isn’t the ’70s anymore, people. No more ‘Irish Need Not Apply’ or ‘Whites Only’ signs. Unless you’re a Native American, at one point or another all of our ancestors came from another country. So who are we to judge?

Look, I’m not saying I like hearing other languages being spoken around me as I walk down 86th street, but those are the breaks. That’s the tradeoff for living in the Land of the Free. Heavy on the free. If you don’t like Coca Cola’s choice and you don’t like the Melting Pot, you’ll pay the price somewhere else. And, guess what, the natives of whatever country you move to are going to look at you like you look at the people in that commercial.