Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie, Here’s a Salad

My boyfriend, Mark, told me about an article that asks what is and is not acceptable as a Valentine’s Day gift. Apparently a bunch of women were interviewed and 10/10 of them agreed that dinner could and should be counted as the gift itself.
I just have one question: Were these women interviewed from the confines of their rooms or in the common room at the Mental Institution they’re staying at?
On what planet is it okay to count dinner as a gift? Okay, okay, I know that’s technically two questions, but seriously! If “dinner” was meant to also be a synonym for “gift”, the two words would (a) be interchangeable and (b) be in some dictionary, printed somewhere…anywhere. The lack of Webster’s approval leads to my conclusion, the one and only any sane person can come up with: Dinner is not the gift.
Now, for those of you who want to go ahead and call me a golddigger, I’ll add in that a gift does not have to be hundreds of dollars. It should, however, be something romantic, or jewelry, or romantic jewelry. You don’t have to buy diamonds to show you care enough to pick up a little something for the girl you’re dating (although, diamonds *are* little, hint, hint…).
And don’t go twisting my words and thinking that it’s fine for you to buy a gift and call it a (Valentine’s) day (sorry, too much?). You’re still responsible for getting a sweet card, writing a little heartfelt something in it, buying pretty roses, and picking up chocolates and a cute stuffed animal or two.
Think all of this is asking for too much? We think the same thing as we bear your children.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie, Here’s a Salad

  1. Dinner can be the gift, it just shouldn’t be the gift unless it meets some circumstances:

    1. Money is tight. Lets face it people lose their jobs, the economy still sucks and showering someone with gifts may not be possible. Making an effort shows caring concern, and a really nice dinner can in those circumstances can be considered the gift in and of itself because she knows he is on a ramen noodles budget right now and this dinner is setting him back to a ramen *noodle* budget. Maybe a flower could be thrown in as well but the gift is dinner.

    2. It’s something special that he is cooking. Some guys never learned to cook. If he never touched a skillet and he is making his nana’s secret recipe that he has been working on in secret for weeks then appreciate the caring and time that was put in it should count as the gift.

    3. If it’s a dinner of extravagance that you always wanted. If you have talked for years about going to this one special place that costs an arm and a leg because it is so utterly fantastic but no way you could ever go there without skipping rent that month. If that’s the case, a trip to foodie paradise and the fact that he remembered should be considered the gift.

    Sure throw in a card or better yet a letter but saying the gift can’t be an evening together misses the point of a romantic gift. End of the day, a romantic gift is the memory of sharing a moment with a person, the object is just a reminder, and sometimes with the right person, for the right reasons, the moment can mean everything without a reminder.

    Also I have to say I love to shower my wife with gifts not because she requires them but in part because she doesn’t. Much like the hot girl who doesn’t realize she is hot vs the girl who knows that she is all that; the woman who doesn’t need the gift is so much more to me than the one that does.

  2. Men love meat! I would have loved a burger for Vday. I had to shell out some serious cash to my wife who didn’t get me a burger!

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