Going From Careless to Careerless

bigstock-Unemployed-Woman-With-Cardboar-29242565There’s nothing more frustrating than being 26 years old, and career-less. I’d always pictured myself as having two books published by now, a third on the way, and a fabulous job at a swanky literary agency, publishing house, or marketing/PR company.

I’d be flying all around the world, meeting with up-and-coming and famous authors, actors, and singers. I’d go to events constantly, and host dinner parties in my Park Avenue two-floor apartment. Christian would be sending me Louboutins to showcase on my red carpet runs, and Versace would beg me to wear the star of his new line to one my events. I’d be rich, beautiful, and most of all, successful. I’d have accomplished my professional dreams, and would be the envy of everyone who ever met me.

When did reality hit for me? Probably about a year ago around Thanksgiving. That’s when my “carelessness” was shattered and I realized I needed to start moving if I actually wanted my dreams (well, the realistic parts of my dreams) to come true. That was the day I overheard my boss refer to me as his “secretary” — a far cry from what I was promised to be: a “marketing star”.  I left that job with my nose in the air, knowing there was better out there. Which there is…but apparently I am not yet worthy to receive it.

After sending out literally hundreds of resumes, I only got one interview, and was rejected after the third round. I was forced back into the depths of hell (substitute teaching), the only income I can suffice. Now, I’m not one to cry about my situation — but, really, work field??? I have five – I repeat FIVE – internships at top magazines, music companies, and websites. And what did all those hours upon days upon months get me? A pat on the back and some free stuff. When I contacted the supervisors that were once “so pleased with my work”, they either ignored me or told me they didn’t know of any openings.

I am so fed up with all of this BS that I think I’m going to go into another field altogether. It’s just so insane to me that so many seemingly unprofessional and unskilled sloppy people have great, well-paying jobs, with a plethora of connections, and I have a useless heavy resume with nothing to gain from it.

Rant’s over. Unless of course you want to hire me. Just kidding. (Not really ;))