When There’s Nothing But A Guitar Between You & Your Girlfriend’s Parents

photoMy friend Jack recently took up the guitar. One morning, he woke up at his girlfriend Lucy’s house and decided to sneak into the living room in his underwear to practice.
As he sat there playing a Greenday song, he heard the jingling of a lock. In walked Lucy’s parents, holding cleaning supplies and breakfast (their weekly tradition which he had completely forgotten about).
Shit, Jack thought. What am I gonna do now??
“Heyyy,” he said with a huge smile. “You guys are early, huh?”
“Yeah, we decided to get a start on the day. How ya doin’, Jack?”
“Good, good” he said, but thought, I’m fucked, that’s how I’m doin’.
As they walked into the kitchen he crept backwards into the front room, praying they wouldn’t notice he was sitting there in his boxer briefs.
Lucy heard the commotion and ran in to see what Jack had done to hide his undergarments. And what he had done was hilarious.
She found him in the front room trying to squeeze himself into the only coat he could find — her peacoat  — which wasn’t even making it past his underwear and would barely even close.
Springing into action, Lucy speed-walked into her room and grabbed his shorts from the floor. She then did some sort of Superbowl-like pass to him that ensured her parents wouldn’t see it.
Let’s just say Jack never played the guitar in his underwear again.
Have you ever been caught in your underwear by your girl/boyfriend’s parents?

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