I Am A Snack-Sneaking Ninja


Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I will spend my money on just about anything. I will not, however, give my local movie theater one more dime! Back in the day, when I was 15, movies cost $6! Now it’s $15 just to walk in the door! (Wow, I’m old.) God forbid if you want to see something in 3D!

This is why I bring my own snacks, ghetto-style, to the movies. I sneak in candy, drinks, and other treats.  I used to bring water bottles or M&Ms, but now I’m daring with cans of soda and bags of Butterfingers minis.

When I proudly told my cousin about my deviousness, she said, “Candy and soda? You’re an amateur! I pop my own popcorn and bring it in a ziplock baggie!”

That’s all I needed to hear. After telling her that she was my hero, I followed in her footsteps. Last week I brought two ziplock baggies filled with popcorn, two cans of soda, and a baggy of Butterfinger minis.

As I was packing the treats, Mark said, “Wow, this is ghetto. Do you know I once heard someone pop an actual can of soda in the theater?! Can you believe that?!”

“Ummm, did we go to see the same movie??” I said laughing, and showed him the inside of my purse, which contained the two cans of Diet Pepsi.

Have you ever snuck snacks into the movies?

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