Giving New Meaning To “A Balcony View”


Two of my good friends, Lucy and Jack, went on vacation to Aruba a few years ago. They had a beautiful room, but were a little annoyed that it wasn’t beachfront but, rather, on the third floor. Rather than let it ruin their trip, they decided to see the light in the situation — privacy.

One afternoon after going for a swim they decided to “consummate their love”. Anyway, after about a half hour, Jack saw something in the corner of his eye, which made both of them turn toward the window. Horrified, they came to a realization: Close the curtains even if your room isn’t on the ground level.

There, staring at them with a big smile and a paint brush in hand, was a painter standing on a scaffolding putting a finishing coat on the side of the hotel.

Jack jumped out of bed, ran over to the window shaking his head, and closed the curtains. Just not before the painter winked at him and nodded approvingly.

Have you have been caught having sex by a Peeping Tom?

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