The following is a guest post from a JenAndMen reader (who I’ll call Frank). Frank emailed me at JenAndMen@hotmail.com to tell me about a time he was caught by an uncle of his girlfriend-at-the-time, while she was…well, while she was doing something that no one would ever want their uncle to see…

My ex-girlfriend and I had some crazy times.  One day I was invited to her aunt and uncle’s Fourth of July BBQ.  We were all drinking all day and, by the end of the party, everyone was trashed. While everyone was still in the backyard, my girlfriend-at-the-time told me to come inside her Uncle’s with her.

Before I knew what was happening, she threw me on her family’s couch and told me to take my pants off.  Me being a drunken fool, did it immediately.  She went in the kitchen and came back with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, you name it.  Basically made an ice cream Sunday down yonder if you catch my drift…

Well, after five minutes or so, I opened my eyes — AND FOUND HER UNCLE STANDING IN THE DOORWAY STARING AT ME.  We all freaked the fuck out.  I pulled my pants up possibly even faster than I pulled them down, and had ice cream toppings in my boxer briefs.

Her uncle left the house and screamed, “I need to talk with you!” to my girlfriend.  I slipped out the front door and didn’t show my face for a good month.

We laughed hysterically about it for months.

Woah, that certainly not something I could ever see laughing about…ever. But I’m glad they got over it.

Have you ever gotten caught performing/receiving oral sex from an adult family member? What happened?

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