Embarrassing Myself On Movie Dates


I hate when I laugh out loud in a movie when everyone else is silent.

About a week ago, my boyfriend, Mark, and I went to see the movie “This is 40″. Paul Rudd, the star, plays the owner of a music studio. He talks about how much he loves Simon & Garfunkel. When he and his wife get into a fight, he calls the awkward silence “The Sounds of Silence”, Simon & Garfunkel’s most famous song.

Naturally, I laughed hysterically. There was only one problem — I was the only one who did! Talk about the true sounds of silence (broken, of course, by a cackling laugh and then non-stop “Wow that was embarrassing” follow-up laughter.

“She laughed extra loud because she assumed everyone was going to burst out,” Mark told my parents the next day. “Which made it that much better.”

Gee, thanks, babe.

“The last time I embarrassed myself and others was during Magic Mike. (Also not my fault!) Wouldn’t you scream if you saw Joe Manganiello stripping in a fireman’s uniform?! Apparently not because once again I was the only one!

Have you ever embarrassed yourself and/or your date by laughing/yelling in the movies?

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