His Lesbian Girlfriend Married Her Lesbian Girlfriend

My friend Paul is in love with a lesbian he works with. We go back and forth between calling her his girlfriend and calling her his lesbian. When he first told me about her I didn’t think anything of it. Then I saw her in a holiday video his office had posted on their website and changed my mind. I became a little bit of a lesbian for her! And it killed Paul to know that I had more of a chance to get with her than he did!

This girl is very a beautiful brunette (a mix of nationalities) with dark eyes and a dazzling smile that she wears constantly. She’s petite, and has really cute fashion. I found myself simultaneously finding her attractive and jealous of her!

Anywho, she’s been in a relationship for the past few years and they tied the knot right around Paul’s neck on Friday.

“Should I go to their wedding?” Paul texted me the day he received the invitation in the mail.

“No, you shouldn’t go! (1) If you go you have to bring a gift and (2) If you don’t go you’re giving them the gift of your life because you’re less likely to kill yourself if you don’t physically see the vows being exchanged!”

“Well, I was hoping it’d be on a rooftop and I could just jump off,” he replied.

Have you ever had to watch someone you loved marry someone else?

One thought on “His Lesbian Girlfriend Married Her Lesbian Girlfriend

  1. Wow. I’m even attracted. If that’s her in the photo, anyway. They’re both very beautiful!

    Have you ever had to watch someone you loved marry someone else?
    No, but the boyfriend I call “the one that got away” is with someone else. :L It sucks. I loved him then, and I still have that love for him. Blah. :L

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