Is It Weird To Sit Next To My Boyfriend At Restaurants?

As you already know, my boyfriend, Mark, and I are constantly disgusting those around us by canoodling, kissing, and gazing into each other’s eyes. I was hoping it would get better but I actually think it somehow got worse.

A few nights ago I met Mark in Manhattan for dinner at Tony Dinapoli’s. We sat across from each other and held hands under the table and played footsie over the table. Not too bad, right? Okay there may have been minor gazing. A few air kisses. And one real kiss when I got up because I couldn’t resist any longer. Alright we’re disgusting. I’ll pay the dry cleaning bill for the shirt you just vomited on.

After we were done with the appetizer (mozzarella in corozza ::ahhh::) I had Mark come sit next to me on my right. Where all of that got way worse. Then a stupid family insisted on eating next to us and foiled my plan to continue restaurant-cuddling with him.
After dinner I stole his saucy dish (which he was using to dip his bread) and put it to my left.
“Oh nooo, how did that get there?? I guess you have to sit next to me; such a shame,” I said, smiling.
“I guess so,” he said with a smile, and sat in the booth next to me.
Except this time I refused to let him go back when another family came and sat down. I mean, really, what the hell is up with people eating at restaurants??
The waiter didn’t even want to come over to us to give us a dessert menu or the check. Oh well, we were comfortable anyway.
Do you and the person you’re newly dating ever make people sick in restaurants?

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