My Parents Are Hot European Kryptonite

If you’ve ever been to Europe, you know that the caliber of hotness of the people increases tenfold from what we’re used to seeing. Everywhere I walked, beautiful men sashayed past me, dressed to a tee and perfect. Olive skin, white teeth, designer glasses, clothes, and shoes, and a stare that could make you drop your cannoli at your feet.

Most of them looked at me the same way I looked at them — like lunch — but then quickly looked away. At first I was starting to get a complex. Was there something in my teeth? Did the gelato in each hand disgust them? And then it hit me. I.Was.With.My.Parents.

Every single one of them would look at me, and then look to my side or behind me, see the two of them, give me one final look, and walk away. Half seemed to think Too bad you’re way younger than I thought, the other half just looked at me like I was a loser.

When I’ve gone to Italy in the past I typically met 3-5 guys a day. Want to know how many I met this trip? Well, I’m writing this post so take a wild guess.

Ever go on a vacation with your parents and had them repel guys/girls?

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