Fact: You Will Always Run Into People If You Look Like Crap

We all do it. Wake up, feel like crap, and decide, “Hey, it’ll be a great idea to forego makeup (if you’re a girl) and doing my hair (unisex decision) and go out looking like I feel.” Then, about twenty-eight seconds after making this lazy decision, we realize it may not have been our finest choice. Usually this realization comes from good-looking people throwing garbage at us.

There is some unwritten code in the universe that states that if you look stunning, you meet no one at the bar you decide to go to. However, do what I just spoke about, and you will undoubtedly have a gorgeous car service driver, waiter, bouncer, bartender and fellow bar patrons. I didn’t write the rule, I just prove it true time after time after time.

As the eCard states, this is also true of anyone you don’t want to run into. I could go to Rite Aid in my damn prom gown, and see no one. But the second I decide to rock a messy bun and glasses, I see half the cheerleaders I went to high school with. Really, universe? Really?

Btw, I’m writing this while looking like complete crap. I should totally go outside looking like this.

Have you ever completely regretted looking like shit the moment you realized hot/cool people were around you?

2 thoughts on “Fact: You Will Always Run Into People If You Look Like Crap

  1. Hi Jen what you wrote is completely true!! It happens to me almost every time I decide to go out looking like crap. If u have a secret magic spell or potions so that this curse can go away please let me know.

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