Facebook, Blowin’ Up Spots One Sneaky Move At A Time

The following is a hilarious story about how Facebook completely and utterly blew up my friend Kyle’s spot when he tried dating two girls at once…

Kyle was dating a girl named Alma for a few months. Unfortunately, they could never become official — or let anyone know about their relationship for that matter — because her family is religious and would never approve. Because of this, Kyle was forced, against his will, to move on.

He and Alma began talking less and less, and while it upset it, he continued to live his life and meet other girls…one of which was Melissa.

Kyle and Melissa hit it off right away, and they began hang out more and more. There was only one problem — he still had feelings for Alma, whom he still spoke to periodically. One night, after eating the dinner that Melissa made him and then having sex with her, he decided to leave her sleeping in bed and called Alma.

She didn’t answer, so he left a sweet voicemail for her. The next day, he woke up to Melissa yelling at him.

“What the HELL is this you bastard?!”

“What are you talking about?” he asked, opening his eyes to see her holding her iPhone. Upon further inspection, he realized that she had it open to his Facebook page. And that’s when he saw it.

Written on his Facebook wall, for the world to see, was a comment from Alma: “Heyyyy Kyle. Sorry I missed your call last night, I fell asleep. I got your voicemail this morning and it made me smile from ear to ear. You’re such a sweetheart!”

“Yes, what a FUCKING sweetheart you are leaving your EX GIRLFRIEND a voicemail while you’re in MY apartment. Are you KIDDING?!”

It escaladed into her forcing Kyle to choose between them (he chose Alma) and now they no longer speak.

“Jen, could you fucking believe she didn’t text me back, didn’t call me back, she WROTE ON MY FACEBOOK and Melissa saw it before I did. Unbelievable.”

“Well, that’s Facebook for ya, ruining relationships one post at a time. Hey, maybe next time you shouldn’t call a girl while the girl you just slept with is asleep. Or just delete them both off of Facebook. Just a couple suggestions.”

Has Facebook ever blown up your spot?

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