Ever Notice The Person That Makes You Feel The Best Can Also Make You Feel The Worst?

If you’ve ever been in love — or at the very least happy with someone — you can attest to the fact that the person you’re with can affect your entire mood. A fight can make your day miserable and making up can chase that black cloud away immediately.

I guess the real question is, How can someone that makes you feel so great also make you feel so horrible? They can make you feel like you’ve finally got it right; you’re not alone, weird, destined to die by yourself. Then, in the drop of a hat, something they say can make you feel all those things ten-fold, because you thought you had found the person you were meant to be with, and now you’re second-guessing them, the relationship, and yourself.

I guess if you didn’t really care about the person you wouldn’t be angry or hurt or sad over a fight with them. Hell, you might not even care enough to fight with them in the first place. So I guess feeling sad over them means you care for them. But at what cost? If this is an everyday occurrence then maybe the misery you’re enduring is outweighing the joy they make you feel when you’re not fighting.

My friend Joe and I were talking about this fickle girl he used to date. He said how a “Good morning :)” text from her would make his entire morning, but one odd or indifferent statement would affect his mood, his focus, and, inevitably, his work.

People would tell him he looked and acted differently and, even though he could see it, he couldn’t stop allowing her to affect him. She made him feel so good when they were together that he was willing to suffer through the heartache when she acted like a jerk to him.┬áIt was unhealthy and it wasn’t until he ended it with her that he was finally restored to his old self.

Have you ever let someone you were seeing make or break your day?

4 thoughts on “Ever Notice The Person That Makes You Feel The Best Can Also Make You Feel The Worst?

  1. I think relationships in general are like what you described in your post. And by relationships I mean that you generally care about the other person and how they feel. With that being said, I’m in a relationship that’s about to be four years strong in December and we both effect the other person’s day. He might say something to me that might be hurtful and my day will be ruined but he can also say something empowering and encouraging and I’m on a productive high all day. Same goes with me to him. I think the difference is being honest with each other and letting the other person know how powerful their words/actions are instead of doing what a lot of girls are guilty of doing and HOPING that their man/lady figures out what was done to hurt them. Both parties have to be willing to work to make each other happy and understand what things they need to feel loved. If both are willing to do that than the relationship will work. Because no matter how compatible/in-love you are, you still need to work on it and grow together.

  2. Maria: Thanks so much for sharing. Isn’t it funny how one statement from the person you’re in a relationship with can make or break your entire day? I 100% agree with you that you have to work on the relationship and tell the other person how powerful their words are, as opposed to crossing your fingers and hoping they figure it out.

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