When The Fourth Gorgeous Guy Emerged From The Coat Room I Assumed I Had Found Narnia

Okay, so I told you about my Fashion’s Night Out incident with the South African. Here’s what occurred before that moment (and the reason I was drunk when I met him):

The moment we walked into Gucci, we knew we struck gold. Unlike other stores – who were giving away an ounce of champagne in paper cups – this place had waiters walking around in tuxedos, filling glasses of champagne for the customers. And that wasn’t even the best part – the waiters were actually models who were hired by Fashion’s Night Out coordinators to make the store more “appealing”. And appealing they were – I mean it was.

They stood tall and confident with a fresh white towel thrown over their arm and a full bottle of bubbly in their hands. At one point, a small couch opened up and we were able to sit down. Little did we know that the couch was directly in front of the back coat room where they were refilling.  One after the other they emerged from this closet, one more beautiful than the next.

 “Oh my God, they’re all coming from that closet,” I said to my two girlfriends.

 “What a great closet,” one of them said in a daze.

 After the fifth or so guy I blurted out, “What is it Narnia?!

I went from tipsy to drunk in the blink of an eye because every time one of them would catch my eye they’d walk toward me, cause me to lose my ability to speak, and refill my glass (if I wasn’t saying “No” they assumed the eye contact meant “Please fill my glass.” It actually meant “Please fill me.” Sorry. I mean…No, that’s what I meant.

 Have you ever been at an event where models were hired as waiters?

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