Other Girls Get A Flash Mob, I Just Get Flashed

I  have been seeing girl after girl get engaged — whether it be via Facebook, Youtube, or an email forward. Friends, family, strangers, everyone and their freaking divorced mother is getting engaged lately.

The best are these flash mobs that are attacking Youtube. Girls with boyfriends who love them so much that they convince their family and friends to dance like idiots in a syncronized manner to an awesome song like “Marry Me” by Train or “I Think I Wanna Marry You” by Bruno Mars. (Here are two of my faves because in one the guy, himself, dances & in the other it’s all the girls’ family and friends and she gets to sit!)

I’m sorry, I’m getting pictures of penises against my will and these girls are getting flash mobs engagements?! I’m trying not to be jealous but — REALLY, UNIVERSE?! How the eff is that fair on any planet?!

I swear I’m waiting for one of the girls to say “No” mwa ha ha. Okay, I’m being bitter. These are amazing and I’m happy for all these couples (later on in my day haha).

Have you ever seen/been a part of a flash mob?

2 thoughts on “Other Girls Get A Flash Mob, I Just Get Flashed

  1. No, I’ve never been part of a flash mob, but I have also never sent you a picture of my penis either lol.

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