“I’m Not Going Into A Relationship Knowing That I Have To Fix You”

rejection-mainI was talking to my friend Cindy the other day about a guy she’s been “talking to” for the past 6 months.

“Do you think you’ll ever be exclusive with him?” I asked.

“Honestly, probably not,” Cindy said, shrugging. “He has some issues that I’m not comfortable with and, to be honest, I’ve been down that road before in past relationships and the guy never changed for me no matter how hard I tried to help him. I’m not going into a relationship knowing that I have to fix you. I’m sorry.”

Truer words were never spoken. How often do we go into relationships (and even marriages) thinking the person will change, yet we’re shocked when they don’t?

Think of it this way: They didn’t change for their mother, they’re not going to change for you. (And I say “mother” and not “themselves” because I assume the idiots are happy the way they are.)

If they drink too much, party too much, still live at home, have shady friends, don’t have a job or have a juvenile job, those things aren’t going to be fixed overnight. And more often than not even if they’re “fixed”, the guy can slip right back into his old ways at any moment. And then where are you left?

Have you ever avoided going out with someone because you were uncomfortable with some of their issues and didn’t want to have to deal with them?

4 thoughts on ““I’m Not Going Into A Relationship Knowing That I Have To Fix You”

  1. in other words you need a guy whos established to be with them . and gguys want a girl who was there before he had anything. and girls wonder why guys who are established fuck girls and play them, its because before they had anything these guys were gettin no attention from girls , so now they have money and these girls are all interested. welll, strippers and hookers work the same way, they only fuck you if you have money, so why not treat the bitch like a hooker

  2. Jonathan: Woahhh. Let’s try and stay away from the word “bitch” when you mean “girl”, okay? No one is saying he has to be Donald Trump (shudder lol). We just don’t want a shlub, just like guys don’t. Everyone is looking for someone who’s passionate, and has the money to buy a cup of coffee, am I wrong? I see your point about how those particular guys never got attention, so now they’re taking advantage of the attention they’re getting, but it’s no excuse to not begin a meaningful relationship with a good girl just because you believe she wouldn’t have talked to you before you established yourself.

  3. I’ve always avoided people that made me uncomfortable. I always found that they behaved a way that I don’t really appreciate, like swearing a lot, being violent and such. I also avoid people who use me, I really do hate users, they have no use to me, I’m only a use to them. To be honest, I get bored when I’m with them after a few minutes, because I know why they’re with me. If I could easily fit in with someone without changing them, then they’re the right one.

  4. women, girls, and bitches are 3 different things . sometimes a girl does show a guy attention and loses interest right away when she finds out he doesnt have a great job or a car or some bullshit, and to me that girl deserves to get treated like a hooker. face it, you go to a stripclub and the girls all friendly to you until you say “i dont want a dance/dont have money for a dance” and her smile goes and her arms are off ya shoulder and she moves onto the next sucker…thats no different from the girl who showed interest until she found out about your financial situation , so i dunno, if you act like a hooker or a stripper dont be surprised if you get treated like 1 thats all .

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