I Stole My Bf Away From His Gf & I’m Convinced It Gave Me Years Of Bad Dating Karma

A few years ago I worked as a waitress — a terrible, terrible waitress — and met a really cute guy on my very first day. He was the only one willing to help me without getting angry (I could only carry one dish at a time because I’m tiny) and I immediately began forming a crush on him. There was just one problem: He had a girlfriend for two and a half years.

I saw no issue with this and pursued him the way I would pursue any other guy I wanted — like a tigress. I let him know that I was going to steal him away and he should start saying his goodbyes. We hung out once after work (only hugged) and he left his girlfriend the next day.

I was pretty proud of myself and had zero remorse. We began dating and were serious for the better part of the next three years. After awhile, though, I got my usual “Omg I’m not single!” panic attacks and we had our problems (mostly caused by me).

Then, when we went our separate way last year, I dated one stupid asshole after the next. Which was 100x worse because my ex had been a saint.

Anyway, I’m convinced that I have terrible dating karma because of what I did to his poor girlfriend. Maybe she put a hex on me or something. Or maybe the universe just hates me now. Either way, I totally got screwed by screwing her over.

Have you have stolen a guy/girl from their significant other and gotten bad dating karma afterwards?

One thought on “I Stole My Bf Away From His Gf & I’m Convinced It Gave Me Years Of Bad Dating Karma

  1. You are a disgrace to women everywhere. You write about wanting to find true love and act like you have some sense of morality yet you do shady shit like steal another girls boyfriend or text guys that you know are taken. You are disgusting and shameless and it is easy to see why you have a hard time finding a man. If I were that girl whose boyfriend you took, I would punch that face of yours. You are not looking for love, you are looking for attention. You do not deserve love because of the grief you have caused others.
    P.S. It is obvious that a lot of these entries are made up or maybe happened to friends of yours. Unless you really do talk to/date 1 or 2 different guys every week for the purpose of having a good story in which case you’re nasty.

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