I Sent A Guy A Text About Another Guy By Accident!

This is just sad on my part. I was once talking to my friend Chris about a guy I had been seeing a couple weeks prior. The conversation turned to whether or not he was a good kisser. I proceeded to go into detail about his terrible kissing skills. Then I looked up at the name on my iPhone screen.

It. Wasn’t. Chris’.

I realized that I had been sending these texts to a new guy, David, I was talking to! FML isn’t even the word. I tried apologizing and explaining that those texts were not meant for him, and that the bad kisser I was referring to was from months earlier. He ended up laughing it off and saying he understood. I basically wanted to take my own life.

Sadly, this was not the first time I had done this — with that same guy!

The freaking day before I was talking to my friend David (who has the same name as him). I thought he had texted me “What are you up to?” so I responded with “Wrist-slitting” (totally normal response, right?). But it wasn’t him! It was New David! He’s not supposed to know I’m morbid and suicidal! He’s supposed to think I’m adorable and upbeat!

New David thought that was great, too, and said we had the same humor. But really I never felt comfortable talking to him again.

Did you ever text a guy/girl something about another guy/girl by accident?

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