I Love How My Guy Friends Are Always Willing To Step Up To The Bed – I Mean Plate – For Me

As you know, I’ve had a particularly bad streak of dating luck lately for whatever reason. Even more so than usual. My guy friends (who read my blog) have been so kind as to their services to me to alleviate my frustrations if you will; sweet, right? Eye roll.

I’ve had about 4 of 5 male friends offer, but here is one friend’s Facebook conversation in particular. He’s like a lawyer with his reasoning; and check out the dates, can’t fault the guy for a lack of persistence…

Mark (in January): I think we could get a good friends with benefits thing going.. I’ll critique your dates…and then finish them with you.  I just think its morally right to help a friendddd that I’m sure wants to release frustrations that she doesnt want to release on some jerk shes going to have to blog about later.

I laughed, then thanked and denied him.

Mark (in August): It sounds like based on your blog that you need to release some sexual tension…just sayinggg. Just saying maybe we should hang out.

Me: Haha thanks

Mark: You’re welcome…Sooo is that your way of taking me up on my offer??

Me: Of course.

Mark: I’m sensing some sarcasm..?

Me: Haha yep.

Mark: Hahah why not? I understand the hesitation but we could have a whole bunch of fun that you don’t have to blog about.

Me: Lmao thanks, Mark.

Mark: LOL I’m serious!

Me: Lmao I know!

Mark: I’ll take you out to dinner all that good stuff.

Me: Lmao I’d be like a high-end hooker, great.

Mark: Lmao your getting the better of the deal.. I’m going to feed you and satisfy you.. what more could you ask for?? I know this is weird but give it a shot; what’s the worst that happens?

Me: Well if I did that with everyone the worst would be getting some sort of disease lol.

Mark: Wow that’s a disgusting thought lol. Well maybe you should just make an exception this time. Your telling me you couldn’t use a night with dinner, couple bottles of wine, and you know what.. a couple times LOL.

Do your friends try to sleep with you? What do you say to them?

2 thoughts on “I Love How My Guy Friends Are Always Willing To Step Up To The Bed – I Mean Plate – For Me

  1. It can be beneficial if the guy friend is a sleaze. Maybe you should give it a shot! If he doesn’t satisfy you like he says, just put stop to it lol

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