I Hate When My Male Friend Touches Me In A Bar & Other Guys Think We’re Together

There’s nothing worse than a guy not approaching me in a bar or club because he thinks I’m dating my guy friend. It’s one thing to have a guy not want to approach me, but to miss out because my stupid friend keeps touching my back or arm is just infuriating!

A couple weeks ago, I went out to a bar with two of my friends (one male, one female). For whatever reason my male friend, Mike,┬ákept grabbing my arm while he spoke to me, putting his hand on my back, etc. Now, I know what you’re thinking — and you’re wrong. Mike was actually into my girl friend! He just talks that way!

I had been eyeing this one guy in a suit in the corner of the room, who stared at me for 5 minutes to assess the situation. By the 8th time Mike touched me (I think it was my hair that time), the guy walked past us and left the bar.

Is there a possibility he was simply uninterested? Of course. But I’m 99% sure it was the touching that did it.

I’ll never forget when I met the 21-year-old, the same exact thing happened. My brother’s friend kept touching my damn arm! I finally broke away and stood by myself long enough to smile at the guy I liked to show him I was single. But I almost missed meeting him, too! One of the first things he said to me was “I thought you were with that guy by the way he kept touching your arm in a protective way.” Ugh!

Have you ever missed out on an opportunity because of a male/female friend being too touchy with you in a bar or club?

2 thoughts on “I Hate When My Male Friend Touches Me In A Bar & Other Guys Think We’re Together

  1. Yea it’s true. I had the same situation about 2 years ago, i was been in club with my friend (im male) and she drunk too much, and she was too touchy. Few days later I had received a message on dating portal axacly this: http://www.newdateproject.com where u can match your friends and find new relationship, from a girl who was been on this party, and she told me that she didnt wanna talk to me, because i was been with my grilfriend. So and it was the last situation in public place with my friend, when she was to touchy, and we had looks like a couple.

  2. I also hate it when this kind of thing happens. Once, when me and my male friend were going out drinking at this one exquisite club..I was saw one lonely guy there. Yeah, he responded to my signals.. but when he was on his way over to me, suddenly he stopped halfway — after seeing my male friend handing me a drink! I was like ”WTH??”

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