Make Me Put My Guard Back Up & You’ll Need A Guard

I recently wrote about a guy Ross (yeah, that asshole). The story from this post actually took place a day before he told me he could tolerate me.

Ross and I were texting after about a year of no contact, post-dating. At first he was sweet, you know, to lure me back in…then he went right back to being the ass I had blocked from my memory.

I don’t really remember what he had said to piss me off, but once I was angry, he said, “I like getting you mad, it’s the only time you put your guard down.”

Now, if he (a) had any intelligence at all in his miniscule brain or (b) knew me AT ALL, he’d know that that statement could not be further from the truth. The only time I EVER put my guard down is when I feel so comfortable with the person that I actually share a feeling or personal thought with them (high unusual occurrence). This level of comfort is rarely achieved┬ábecause of the pitiful caliber of guys I date;┬átherefore, my guard is up 99% of the time.

You say hurtful things and then, when I get angry, have the gaul to say you like doing that to me because it makes me vulnerable?! No, dick, that’s not the way the world works.

It brings me back to the time my ex-boyfriend, Anthony, told me that “it was sick how much pleasure [he] got out of hurting [me]”. Yes. It’s just that — sick.

Have you ever had someone say they enjoy making you angry or upset?

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