Guys, Just Look Pretty & Don’t Speak; I Like You Better When You’re Silent

Girls always get the bad rep of having big mouths, but I’ve come to realize over the past 10 years of dating that I like guys a lot more when they’re completely silent. I have yet to come across a guy that didn’t piss me off at least three times a day. And that’s seriously low-balling it.

It’s as if they go out of their way to piss me off, hurt my feelings, disgust me, or flat out repulse me. I only date good looking guys, so really if they just called, texted, and spoke less, I really feel like we’d have a better shot.

My best friend Kerry always listens to my stories, shakes her head and says, “They should just shut up and look pretty.”

And it’s so true. They’re all just ruining it for themselves. Just like a constantly-screaming baby or always-routy dog, I like guys best when they’re asleep on the couch next to me.

I cuddle them. I look at them adoringly. I sometimes even pet their hair or face. And I think, “I don’t hate him; I might even love him.” And then he opens his eyes, makes some comment about sex or sports or farting, and I contemplate a murder/suicide. Umm, maybe just a murder.

Do you like your boy/girlfriend more when he/she is silent or asleep?

5 thoughts on “Guys, Just Look Pretty & Don’t Speak; I Like You Better When You’re Silent

  1. I’m a guy and I actually prefer to be really quiet because, yeah, I say stupid things. That being said, I prefer it if my girlfriend talks as much as she feel like. I absolutely love listening to my significant other, and people in general really.

  2. Maybe the problem isn’t with men talking, rather with you being incompatible? Most of the time, it is a clash of personality which causes this.

  3. Very Well said Jen. I am a guy and though I sometimes do talk and say something not relevant , but most of the times I prefer to be silent let my girlfriend do most of the talking and I absolutely love listening to her. I can understand it is very essential for a girl to find a guy that would talk less and listen to her.

  4. Well actually, so to speak, guys by nature are really silent. It’s a bit awkward if a guy talks too much when he’s in a crowd or with his special someone like a girlfriend. Somehow, girls would be turned off to a guy that speaks more than her. I really like this post since this is also a suggestion to certain guys out there.

  5. Well said.
    The other day I was with a friend of mine in a bar and we were staring at two guys who looked handsome.
    They were speaking with each other and playing billiards. There was some music so we couldn’t hear them, so my friend and I were trying to guess what were they talking about. We thought they were talking about interesting topics…
    Obviously they realized we were looking at them and they come to say hello. They sat with us and starting talking. In a few minutes they didn’t know what else to say so they started talking with each other about football. What the hell…
    So yes. I definitely prefer to stare at them and pretend they are interesting.

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