A Guy Told Me I Have Bad Karma Because I ‘Bash’ Guys On My Website

Even re-reading the title infuriates me. My friend Rob, who I’ve known for years, pissed me the eff off the other day when he basically told me that my bad love life is my own fault because it’s the universe’s way of getting back at me for “bashing” guys on JenAndMen.

First of all, I don’t bash anyone. I’m sorry that I let the world know when a guy treats me like shit, insults me, and makes me pay for dinner. I don’t even put the bastards’ real names for God’s sake. But it’s my bad KARMA?! Really?? Bad karma is dating nerds to laugh at them. What I have is a Goddamned CURSE.

Now, as far as dating for blog material — are you effing kidding me?! What kind of human being purposefully picks shitty guys to date just so they can write about it later on in the night. There are about 8.2 billion topics in Cosmo that I can look at and write about, I don’t need to subject myself to the torture I go through on a daily basis, thank you very much.

I think what upsets me the most is that the person who said this is someone I actually consider to be a friend, not a close friend, but a close nonetheless. And for a friend to think that of me — not even a stranger — just leaves me speechless and sad. I – WANT – A – BOYFRIEND. Any true JenAndMen reader or loved one knows that and knows I’d love nothing more than to write about other people’s screwed up loved lives and finally have a nice one of my own.

Read on to see our copy-and-pasted Facebook conversation…

Rob: Ok so I have a thought about your blog and perhaps the negative affects its having on your life. I’m a big proponent of Karma, and sometimes all your negative blog posts about bad dates may catch up to you…and don’t get mad, I’m just saying, I also think your looking for material more than a real guy.

Me: Okay, Rob.

Rob: I’m just saying, this is a GUY’S opinion. It’s something you may want to value, considering YOU’RE TRYING TO DATE US GUYS.

Me: No, it’s your opinion. I don’t lie on my blog. I write word for word convos. I have an insane memory. I don’t do anything more than share the story. Not like I’m mocking people’s physical characteristics or even their intelligence. I write word for word what they say and do to me. And the most I do is say they’re rude or an asshole. So I don’t see “karma” coming into play.

Rob: I’m just saying…I wish I had a blog for girls, because I’d be labeled the BIGGEST asshole.

Me: Karma is if I go on dates to make fun of them all the while knowing I’m not into them. That’s not the case at all.

Rob: Oh yes it is. Flip it around. Rob and Women The Blog. And I wrote stuff pertaining to women that you wrote about men? I’d be an asshole, while your viewed as a smart, intuitive female.

Me: No, because my friend Kevin writes www.Kevinsaysthings.com, which is basically the male version of mine. It’s awesome.

Rob: Okay.

Me: And no it’s not the case. I go on dates to meet someone special, not to get bad blog material. That would be mean, and a waste of my time because I don’t make a ton of money from JenAndMen.

Rob: You’re taking this as a personal assault. I was giving an opinion. My opinion, not anybody else’s.

Me: I’m not. I’m telling you your opinion is incorrect lol. I simply write about past events.

Rob: Ok.

Me: I don’t go looking for “juicy stories”. Trust me there’s nothing I want more than to have a bf and make that site about OTHER people’s dating lives.

Rob: Very well.

(The next day…)

Rob: Still mad at me, Jennifer?

Me: Rob, there’s a difference between me being mad at you and me thinking you’re stupid lol.

Rob: Very well.

Have you ever had someone’s opinion about you be so unbelievably off that you don’t even know how to respond?

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