“Jen, How Do You Dump Every Guy You Date Within 3 Weeks & Not Care?”

If you’re a JenAndMen reader, you know that this title is completely inaccurate. Ironically, a guy I used to date back in the day asked me this question a couple weeks ago. I was truly surprised to hear that that’s what he thought. But when I told another guy friend of mine, he said that it appears to the world that this is, in fact, my M.O.

The truth of the matter is that I don’t dump guys because I don’t care…I dump them because I care too freaking much. These guys get me to a point where I mentally, emotionally, and physically cannot take their shit anymore. Feeling like a battered wife, I pick up and leave.

Is the world confused into thinking I’m heartless because these relationships are so short-lived? Or because I bash these fools on my daily blog? Or because I have a new guy within 48-hours? Perhaps the combination of the three is what’s getting me this bad rep.

Just like in This Is Not ‘Jen And Kill All Men’ Dot Com, I am here to say that I don’t hate all guys. Unfortunately, the ones I date bring me to a point where I’m forced into hating them because of their words and actions.

I assure you, loyal readers, just because I break up with someone doesn’t always mean I don’t care about them or that I wasn’t completely torn up over it during and after. I just happen to have a great turn-around period is all.

Did you also think that I didn’t care about my break-ups?

One thought on ““Jen, How Do You Dump Every Guy You Date Within 3 Weeks & Not Care?”

  1. Jen, I stumbled upon your blog on the Elvis Duran show a while back and have been following you ever since. I really enjoy all of your entries and at many times can relate to quite a few of them. I do have a particular question that maybe you could help me out with..

    Now, perhaps it’s just me but I find that a lot of the times (lately anyway) I go on a date with guys whom at first I find myself to be head over heals for…after the first date or second, however, I simply lose interest. Not so much because they do anything wrong, they really have all been very pleasant, but for some reason I can’t find that spark in myself or that motivation to continue any further.

    Have you experienced this? And if not, would you be able to muster up some advice, especially any that would better help me with the break up scenario…I hate having to confront the issue especially when it seems like it is coming out of left field for the person I’m seeing during that brief time.

    Sorry for such a long response.
    Keep up the great story telling ;)


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