When Your Ex’s New Fling Answers Their Phone

My friend Joe called me in hysterics the other day. Apparently his ex — who he’s in love with — had told him that they could work things out, as long as they took things slow. Three weeks later, he went on a business trip, and she met someone else.

She had told him that was dating someone (on his effing birthday), and completely ruined his entire day. I couldn’t stand her then. But now I just hate her.

About a week later, he gave her a call. Except, instead of her voice, a guy said, “Pam can’t come to the phone right now, she’s busy sucking my c***.”

Joe was completely thrown off guard. He never in a million years thought that (a) Pam would allow this guy to pick up one of his calls, and (b) she’d date a loser like that. He went crazy on the guy, saying how dare he disrespect her like that, blah blah. (Mind you, still not mad at the girl.)

After a minute or so of the two guys going back and forth, Joe finally said, “Put Pam on the phone.”

When she finally spoke to Joe, she sounded like a puppet. She just kept asking why he was still holding on after being broken up a year, etc. She conveniently left out everything she had said and done to lead him on.

I spoke to him about a day after this all went down, and I’m truly hoping he now means it when he said, “I’m done.”

He just kept saying that he couldn’t get the image of Pam having oral sex with that guy out of his head.

“So go out and get a girl,” I suggested.

Then, because it’s Joe and I don’t know why I would expect anything less, he said, “Oh, I had sex on Sunday and got a b****** (let’s just say oral sex) from a different chick yesterday,” and was confused by my lack of knowledge of his sex life.

I just shook my head.

Have you ever called an ex and gotten their new boy/girlfriend?

4 thoughts on “When Your Ex’s New Fling Answers Their Phone

  1. That has not happened to me and hope it never does. Sounds like Pam is putty in the new guy’s hands. How unfortunate.

  2. Joe needs to move on. She’s been stringing him along for a year and he’s surprised this happened. I’m not coming to his ex’s defense because I believe she’s wrong too for not being straight forward. If someone really wants to be with, he/she would do everything to be with you.

    I remember an ex broke up with me and he wasn’t straight forward either. He led me on and like a fool I’ve waited for him to clear his head. It only took me 3 months to finally get some sense and move on. It’s really stressful and I wasn’t happy. My happiness comes first. I know what I want and I’ve decided he could just figure shit out on his own. He doesn’t need me for that.

    Hopefully your friend Joe truly moves on. Sometimes you are happier not being with that person.

  3. Wonderinwho: Joe really does need to move on. I hate seeing him this hurt, and I really do believe he’ll be happier without her (once he actually lets her go).

  4. Ashley: She really is & that’s pathetic. I would NEVER allow a guy I’m seeing to speak that way about me or talk to someone I care about for that matter. He’s disgusting, but she’s a fool

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