Screw You, Happy Couples

I don’t think it’s fair that some girls get to be loved unconditionally, while others are forced to deal with jerk after jerk, yearning for attention, crying constantly over this mistreatment.

The other day I was listening to my friend Charlie talk about how much he loves his wife (they’re newlyweds), and how he realized he really knew what love was before he met her.

My answer: Charlie, you make me sick.

I then preoceeded to tell him that I hope to one day make him sick, and he wished me luck.

I’m not saying I hate happy couples (lie detector beeping), it’s just that I don’t understand why that happiness never seems to make its way to me.┬áNot for long, anyway. I’ll get a month, two tops. ANd then it’s back to being majorly depressed in an unhappy relationship or terribly loney by myself.

Are you a single person who never gets to experience the happiness you see radiating off of happy couples?

3 thoughts on “Screw You, Happy Couples

  1. Surely you’re not unhappy that often are you? Being happy and independent is what attracts the good guys to begin with. You must start there. If you are not happy in life for whatever reason, absolutely no amount of love from a man can ever fix that.

  2. I agree with Candice. Take pride in yourself and what you have accomplished. Good things will come to you, as they have already.

  3. IF I SEE ONE MORE PERSON ON FB GET ENGAGED I AM GOING TO A) Vomit or B) throw myself off the Verrazano! =(

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